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We provide ONE-STOP service including all the following featured service. Search products, translation service, placed order, follow up orders, free storage, inspection and quality control, prepare relevant documents, customs clearance, shipment.

Yiwu Agent service

  • Yiwu Market guiding
  • Translation
  • Order Control
  • Cargo Collection
  • Quality Inspection
  • Documents
  • Shipping

Sourcing & Buying agent

  • Sourcing items based whole China market according to your needs
  • Sourcing hot selling products for your recommendation
  • Sourcing reliable factories with competitive price
  • Buying goods from factories for you
  • Making buying from China, easier, faster & safer

Order Control service

  • Quality Control: strict goods inspection to ensure quality
  • Delivery time control: make shipment on time
  • Package control: make sure right package or customized package

Warehouse control

  • Collect all goods in our warehouse
  • Check all quantity and quality
  • Make sure outer carton not easy to broken during transportation.
  • Make sure no missing goods


We do offer documents not only for clearing customs from China side, but also offer documents which can clear customs at port of destination.

Shipping Service

  • Booking container or LCL or airlines
  • Arrange different shipping methods according to your requirements
  • Loading goods
  • Declaration and clearance documents preparation

Other service

  • Sample Shipping
  • Invitation letter
  • Picking up from train station or airport
  • Hotel booking

Artwork service

  • Customize your logo and package
  • Sticker or bar code on item or package
  • FBA labeling service
  • OEM/ODM your products

Managing Suppliers on your behalf

supplier relationship management is very important part of the supply chain and only working with the right supplier will help you to get the right product, under the right price, and by the right delivery.

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